Cut The Crap and find your perfect weight - why its not your fault youre fat!

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Just eat less and move more stupid! Cast this shit out! You cannot fight these ancient instincts. Embrace them, manage them and they become strengths once again. You cannot replace a nutrient deficient but satisfying junk diet with hunger and boredom. Long term it never works. Learn to play to your strengths rather than fight with your weaknesses. What if you were able to effortlessly stick to just two or three meals per day , to avoid the urge to snack and thereby swerve junk foods which steal your productivity and ambition. At the same time you can reconnect with real food, actually use your kitchen and save money!

What are the side effects of all of this? Balance your blood sugar! This means a number of healthful approaches align. You will,. Humans are not grazers , have never been grazers and will never be grazers. This unhelpful belief was brought to you by biscuit selling executives, get over it. Stop looking for excuses to eat all the time.

Content and calm. Your conscious and subconscious united on whatever task you have planned and this union is powerful indeed. No more endogenous distractions whispering;. Control that voice! Agree to feed yourself properly and regularly. Are you hungry when you wake up? If so, eat. If not, wait. Apply that to all meals. Meal times are a human construct. Prioritise your instincts to eat well over perceived meals.

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Just find regularity. A schedule, a routine, a rhythm that your whole body can get into the swing of. Like an old Grandfather clock, tick tocking away, resolute and implacable. Self discipline is old school! Build a routine, get control. Control means calm. This calm means productivity, health and happiness. Real, nutrient dense nourishing foods. You remember? From healthy fats and proteins to vitamins and minerals with everything in between!

So, what are the most nutrient dense foods? The most nutrient dense food in the world is offal. Liver being the king. You can get plenty of nutrients without eating offal. Oily fish is a great source as well as other animal produce including eggs and dairy.

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We have boxed ourselves into a corner by blaming ancient animal foods for modern health problems. Humans have been butchering animals for at least 3. That may upset some of you, and so I say this. I care enough to say things that may upset you because my goal is for people to be robustly healthy and happy. Something that is slipping away from us year over year. But, if you think animal foods are bad for you then you have become detached from your place in nature and must reconnect to the super predator you are.

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These untruths about our most natural foods are biting us in the arse via hidden nutrient deficiencies R. This carries with it a whole host of health symptoms and diseases , some thought be extinct in modern society are rearing their ugly heads again R. We are omnivores after all. We are terrifically adaptable to new environments which offered new foods. This malleability allowed us to thrive all over the world. From the icy tundras with no vegetation to the abundant plants in the jungle. However, the little microbes inside are highly adaptive.

Cut the Crap and Find Your Perfect Weight - Why It's Not Your Fault You're Fat!

Helping us get the most from our environment. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes You can include them all if you like! If you can digest them well. Is your diet making you feel well? The belief that people failing to eat sufficient nutrients from an omnivorous diet will suddenly be able to nourish themselves with the removal of animal products is singularly damaging R.

Cut The Crap and find your perfect weight: Why it's not your fault you're fat! by Deborah Morgan

Try removing these things before you try anything extreme like dropping the most nutritious foods available to you. Since when we were told to cut back on fat obesity has exploded. We instinctively increased carbohydrates and were told, crack on! Wanting is a direct route to snacking. Snacking is almost always junk food. Which, if your meal has been sufficient, will be about 5 or 6 hours.

Basically, it contains enough of the building blocks amino acids to make it a nourishing protein. These foods are essential and must be eaten regularly. An easy way to remember where good quality proteins come from is this,.

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  8. So, that includes all animal produce. Just include a good source of protein in each meal. I then tend to drop another 1 or 2 lbs during the last day by simply not eating or drinking. So I find it relatively easy to cut 17 or 18 pounds in the 6 days. By drinking the water at the end of your modified protocol, you are missing out out a big part of what the cut is about.

    However, since you are only needing to drop 2 more kg, you have 2 options. Oh — and cut out those beans and other carbs for this last week. Eat the chicken and broccoli. Cheers for the advice. I will cut back on water today to.

    I lost 1. When I got out I dropped my water bottle and tried drinking from my shoe. Dehydration is dangerous folks! I know now to have a shorter bath. This can also help if there is gap of time between the last sauna and weigh in. You also need to self-monitor. If you ever stop sweating while trying to you are one step away from heat stroke.

    You basketball example is great. I reached my goal of 80kg last night Protein and Fat: As much as you want in 3 meals Low Sodium. I eat all kinds of meat, broccoli and other non-watery, low net carb veggies, and stuff like natural no salt added peanut butter. Walnuts are good too.