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The beauty industry thrives on promoting the whiter our teeth, the longer our hair extensions, the more toned our bodies, the happier more fulfilled we will be; Super-beautiful, attractive winners! In fact, it can all become very ugly and condescending.

I enjoy getting my hair done, following a good skincare regime and fitness programme. The essence of giving our life to Jesus means that we no longer sit on the throne of our lives. He does.

Save Me From Myself! {Psalm 78} | Briana Thomas

To have a healthy sense of self is very important. Although sometimes I felt confused and defeated, I was determined. I wanted the right balance between seeking God's glory and having a heart to serve others. Since I am easily distracted, I needed something concrete to focus on. The Lord then gave me an idea that helped me focus and balance my life. Maybe it will help you if you struggle in this area. Initially it was necessary to focus my mind and heart on loving the Lord and loving others.

God Save Me - Again?

Then I sensed the Holy Spirit show me that when I met someone I would look them in the eye and think, "Knowing Christ is the most important thing in my life. How can I help you know him better? It got my eyes off myself and prepared me so that God could use me in that person's life.

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This was vastly different from how things were before. Formerly I'd be overly concerned with myself during each social encounter. What does this person think about me? That became my focus. I would come away from an encounter with a person and remember little about her other than what she looked like.

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As a committed Christian this was unacceptable. Sign Up For Our Newsletter Community, encouragement, and practical tools for women leaders in the church. September 08 Sherryl Stone.

Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus)

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How we face our daily challenges determine what kind of person people see and remember. Each person faces a unique set of circumstances, not one of which is the same as anyone else.

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Who can help us through this mine field? If we are our own worst enemy, where can we go? The answer lies in prayer. So, while we meet our daily challenges, let us remember to seek deliverance. Deliverance from ourselves, so we can be the people God wants us to be. This entry was posted on January 13, at am and is filed under Explorer's Group.

Oh, from myself deliver

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