Défense et illustration de la machine (French Edition)

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So when the French had the chance to get close to these extraordinary flying machines for the first time they flocked to the Grand Palais in large numbers.

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This early preview of what was to become the Paris Air Show was a huge success, as described in an article by journalist L. Baudry de Saunier in the Jan.

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Police officers had to contain the sea of visitors around the wood and fabric under which Wright played at being a bird. The major international gathering that was to become the Le Bourget show was born. All the flying machines that made the event particularly memorable were represented at the Grand Palais. Among these was the Antoinette, the monoplane in which, just a few weeks earlier, Hubert Latham had set an altitude record for flying at meters feet.

That event occurred during the first week-long aviation gathering, which attracted more than a million people and was held in the northern French city of Reims between August 22 and From one year to the next the technological evolution was spectacular. The flying machines became lighter and stronger at the same time. The metal parts were still too heavy by comparison with wood and fabric. There was also excitement when it came to engines.

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However, despite the progress achieved the maximum power did not exceed horsepower in I'm going to sharpen my teeth against your calves. Here's some of the Polish. I have an idea. I'll be back in a minute. He exits. Long live Mama Ubu! He is holding an incredibly disgusting toilet brush which he throws into the midst of the banquet.

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Captain Barbage, I'd like to have a few words with you. Everybody out! Stay, Barbage. Nobody moves.

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    Wretched Papa Ubu! I can breathe again, but I have dined most execrably. Come, Barbage. I thought you were poor as a beggar, Papa Ubu. I am his mortal enemy, and I'll answer for my men.

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    I love you dearly, Barbage! Don't you ever wash? They exit. Beat it, scram! You're getting on my nerves. Alas, alas! I have an idea! I'll say it was Mama Ubu and Barbage. I'm going there right away. She exits. The king's palace. Wenceslas, I hardly know how to thank you. He presents a coiled-up noisemaker to the king.

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    Let each man give his opinion. First I'll give mine, if you permit.. When he begins to graze on it he'll drop dead and so I'll be king. Fie, fie! Then let Barbage give his opinion. That is noble and valiant. Now I remember that for his reviews, he puts on iron shoes that really hurt. If I thought that's what you were going to do I'd run and turn you in, to get out of this dirty business, and I think he'd also give me some change.

    All right, I agree to put myself in danger for you.


    This book contains as an annex the critique of the book by Anselm Jappe , Les Aventures de la marchandise. It is completed by 2 essays, which have remained unfinished, on the painter Pascal Vinardel and the abolition of art by mass society. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in French. April Click [show] for important translation instructions.

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