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With no hope of escape Selene must endure a most terrifying orgy from which women never return. Will she somehow find a way out from her bullish captors, or will she succumb to their true intent? It's a short one, which for me is a high accomplishment! And one that will certainly please a few who enjoy my blog quite a bit. Exiled by her people and sacrificed to the insatiable appetite of that horrid maze, she and her sisters in suffering were quickly taken by its monsters. The ambush was quick and decisive, only letting them scream in woe a few seconds before it was over.

Selene felt the dry sandy stone beneath her bare palms, and shivered beneath the thin veil of her white dress.

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She was alone. A cell, or rather just another cavern in that place. Did the beasts here even know or care about such distinctions? Her eyes adjusted to the only dim, flickering light coming from the main room beyond. The sounds of her compatriots came from there — some muffled and suppressed, some wails and cries piercing through, but above all came the distinct sounds of their captors.

The Minotaurs were raping them all.

Madonna, Author of ‘Sex’ and Singer of ‘Erotica,’ Slams M.I.A. for Super Bowl Middle Finger

Great horned hulks crouched in every corner of the room, each with their own prize to fuck. Shaped like men with hooved legs and heads of bulls, the monsters were anything but human. They bore down on the frightened women, the younger ones screaming and writhing against their furred bulks, the older giving in. The cacophony mixed fear and pain with agonizing pleasure, and every bullish monster mated and fucked his helpless prize differently.

A young woman screamed as a Minotaur seized a fleeing woman, and in a swift motion tore apart her dress with its inhuman hand. It grunted and pressed, and impaled the caught woman with its member, its monstrous cock piercing deep her womanhood. Her eyes rolled and her whole body shook as her silent scream broke into a bloody screech, her suspended body sliding down inch by inch onto its phallus.

Another woman clawed along the ground, her back pushed into the dusty earth as her new lover groaned above her. A sound like a man and a bovine combined, the monster grunted each time it slammed its bullish cock into her sensitive folds. Selene could hear the slapping from the doorway, its bare-skinned balls slapping against her abused ass. Her fists clenched in the fur of its chest, pushing against her immoveable rapist with all her might, and cried to the gods to save her.

Yet others Selene had never seen before were there too, women whose dirty wild hair and scuffed bodies showed that they were no strangers to the Minotaur. Previous sacrifices, no doubt the ones who survived their ordeal and were kept by those monsters as more than just food or sport, were being mated in much the same way as their newer compatriots.

But their eyes frightened Selene the most. A virgin reached out towards just such a woman, pleading with her to save her as the bull pressed her tender belly against the stone and ravaged her once innocent body in mighty blows. The woman stared down at her, and crawled slowly to her on hands and knees. With her eager eyes staring she smiled as a grey-furred stud mounted her from behind, and whispered unhearable words to the weeping virgin as she came.

Selene had to escape. This place would be her death, or worse. The orgy continued in the flickering light of the torches, and only the darkness of the twisting maze stretched beyond them. Somehow she had to make it out, and losing herself again in the ever-changing walls would spare her from this new hell.

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But it was not to be. As she prepared to run, she felt a beast seize her from behind. She bolted, but the great maulish hands seized her body and spun her horrified body back toward itself. Its smell hit her first. Towering above her, the bullish musk instantly filled her nose. Earthy and nigh-fetid, the creature reeked of hot sex. Selene was no stranger to it, but never had she smelled anything so utterly male in her life before. Its eyes shimmered red in the fires beyond, and its midnight-black fur hung like heavy moss from its titanic body. Into the main room it carried her, ignoring the kicking and thrashing Selene put up — no, rather it held her aloft as if entertained by her spirit.

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