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According to Qigong, the Jing which resides in the external kidneys gonads is the main source of the Qi which fills up the four major Qi vessels in the legs. These four Qi reservoirs vessels keep the legs strong and healthy. Therefore, if you feel that your legs are weak due to the amount of sexual activity, you have lost too much of your Jing. The second thing you must do in order to conserve your Original Jing is to prevent your Original Qi from leaking out of your body. However, some Qi is lost backward through the Kidney Doors.

If you lose too much Qi, your Jing will be depleted as you try to make up for the loss. In Qigong practice, one of the major training goals is to learn how to lead the converted Qi from the kidneys to the Dan Tian more efficiently. Qi Since we have already discussed Qi at the beginning of this chapter in general terms, we will now discuss Qi in the human body and in Qigong training. Before we start, we would like to point out one important thing. At this time, there is no clear explanation of the relationship between all of the circulatory systems and the Qi circulatory system. The Western world knows of the blood system, nervous system, and lymphatic system.

Now, there is the Qi circulation system from China. How are, for example, the Qi and the nervous system related? If the nervous system does not match the Qi system, where does the sensing energy in the nervous system come from? How is the lymphatic system related to the Qi system? All of these questions are still waiting for study by modern scientific methods and technology.

Here, we can only offer you some theoretical assumptions based on the research conducted up to now. Chinese medical society believes that the Qi and blood are closely related. Where Qi goes, blood follows. It is believed that Qi provides the energy for the blood cells to keep them alive.

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As a matter of fact, it is believed that blood is able to store Qi, and that it helps to transport air Qi especially to every cell of the body. If you look carefully, you can see that the elements of your physical body such as the organs, nerves, blood, and even every tiny cell are all like separate machines, each with their own unique function.

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Just like electric motors, if there is no current in them, they are dead. If you compare the routes of the blood circulatory system, the nervous system, and the lymphatic system with the course of the Qi channels, you will see that there is a great deal of correspondence.

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This is simply because Qi is the energy needed to keep them all alive and functioning. Now, let us look at your entire body. Your body is composed of two major parts. The first part is your physical body, and the second is the energy supply which your body needs to function. Your body is like a factory. Inside your body are many organs, which correspond to the machines required to process the raw materials into the finished product.

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Some of the raw materials brought into a factory are used to create the energy with which other raw materials will be converted into finished goods. The raw materials for your body are food and air, and the finished product is life. The Qi in your body is analogous to the electric current which the factory power plant obtains from coal or oil. The factory has many wires connecting the power plant to the machines, and other wires connecting telephones, intercoms, and computers. There are also many conveyer belts, elevators, wagons, and trucks to move material from one place to another.

It is no different in your body, where there are systems of intestines, blood vessels, complex networks of nerves and Qi channels to facilitate the supply of blood, sensory information and energy to the entire body. However, unlike the digestive, circulatory, and central nervous systems — all of whose supportive vessels can be observed as material structures in the body — Qi channels are non-material and cannot be observed as physical objects.

The circulatory, nervous, and Qi systems all possess similar configurations within the body, and are distributed rather equally throughout the body. In a factory, different machines require different levels of current. It is the same for your organs, which require different levels of Qi. If a machine is supplied with an improper level of power, it will not function normally and may even be damaged.

In the same way, your organs, when the Qi level running to them is either too positive or too negative, will be damaged and will degenerate more rapidly. The ancient Chinese character for Qi 1. The same goes for your body. The quality of your organs is largely dependent upon what you inherited from your parents. To maintain your organs in a healthy state and to insure that they function well for a long time, you must have an appropriate Qi supply. Qi is affected by the quality of air you inhale, the kind of food you eat, your lifestyle, and even your emotional make-up and personality.

The food and air are like the fuel or power supply, and their quality affects you. Your lifestyle is like the way you run the machine, and your personality is like the management of the factory. The above discussion clarifies the role that Qi plays in your body. However, it should be noted that the above metaphor is an oversimplification, and that the behavior and function of Qi is much more complex and difficult to handle than the power supply in a factory.

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You are neither a factory nor a robot, you are a human being with feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, your feelings have a major influence on your Qi circulation.

For example, when you pinch yourself, the Qi in that area will be disturbed. This Qi disturbance will be sensed through the nervous system and interpreted by your brain as pain. No machine can do this. Moreover, after you have felt the pain, unlike a machine, you will react either as a result of instinct or conscious thought.

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Human feelings and thought affect Qi circulation in the body, whereas a machine cannot influence its power supply. In order to understand your Qi, you must use your feelings, rather than just the intellect, to sense its flow and make judgments about it. Now a few words as to the source of human Qi. As mentioned, Chinese doctors and Qigong practitioners believe that the body contains two general types of Qi.

In other words, before birth. Original Qi comes from converted Original Jing which you received before your birth. This is why Original Qi is also called Pre-birth Qi. When the Water Qi cools your body down, the mind will become clear, neutral and centered.

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It is believed in Qigong society that Fire Qi supports the emotional part of the body, while Water Qi supports the wisdom part. As will be discussed later, energizing the brain and raising the Shen are very important in Qigong practice. According to its function, Qi can be divided into two major categories. This includes the functioning of the brain and the organs, and even body movement. Ying Qi is again divided into two major types. The first type circulates in the channels and is responsible for the functioning of the organs.

The circulation of Qi to the organs and the extremities continues automatically as long as you have enough Qi in your reservoirs and you maintain your body in good condition. The second type of Ying Qi is linked to your Yi mind, intention. When your Yi decides to do something, for example to lift a box, this type of Ying Qi will automatically flow to the muscles needed to do the job.

This type of Qi is directed by your thoughts, and therefore is related closely to your feelings and emotions. Wei Qi is also involved in the growth of hair, the repair of skin injuries, and many other functions on the surface of the skin. Wei Qi comes from the Qi channels, and is led through the millions of tiny channels to the surface of the skin. This Qi can even reach beyond the body. When your body is positive Yang , this Qi is strong, and your pores will be open.

When your body is negative Yin , this Qi is weak, and your pores will close up more to prevent Qi from being lost. In the summertime, your body is Yang and your Qi is strong, so your Qi shield will be bigger and extend beyond your physical body, and the pores will be wide open. In the wintertime, your body is relatively Yin negative , and you must conserve your Qi in order to stay warm and keep pathogens out. Wei Qi functions automatically in response to changes in the environment, but it is also influenced significantly by your feelings and emotions. For example, when you feel happy or angry, the Qi shield will be more open than when you are sad.

In order to keep your body healthy and functioning properly, you must keep the Ying Qi functioning smoothly and, at the same time, keep the Wei Qi strong to protect you from negative outside influences such as the cold. Chinese doctors and Qigong practitioners believe that the key to doing this is through Shen spirit. Shen is considered to be the headquarters which directs and controls the Qi.