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The Sitting of the Council, under the presidency of the Burgomaster. Two rats on their hind legs, carrying off the Beadle's mace: behind them are three rats running. The rats follow the Piper out of the town. The Piper is dismissed by the Beadle. They are unsigned, but a prefatory note describes them as being "the perfectly original designs and drawings of a boy now in the school, [64] A.

Beardsley"; and adds: "Our regret is that, lacking experience in the preparation of drawings for the photo-engraver, the reproductions should fall so far short of the original sketches. Latter part of Contains the following drawings, mounted as scraps:——. Manon Lescaut, three drawings to illustrate different scenes from. Executed with very fine pen and ink, the latter having, as compared with maturer works, a brownish tinge.

First published in "Second Book," and afterwards in "Later Work. Chinese [65] white and dark sepia wash. First published in "Second Book," and again in "Later Work. Pen-and-ink with wash, on pale greenish paper. Dark sepia wash. Madame Bovary. Sapho Daudet. Over its place has been gummed another drawing, also wanting, its title written at the foot, L'homme qui rit.

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Le Cousin Pons. Indian ink. Portrait of Alphonse Daudet. Indian ink on pale blue paper. Watteau, Ma Cousine Cousin Pons. Pen-and-ink with wash on pale grey toned paper. Indian ink wash. Madame Cibot Cousin Pons. Jack Attendons! Jeanne D'Arc, the childhood of.

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Sepia and madder wash on toned paper. First published in "Second Book," again in "Later Work. Drawn after the manner of [66] Richard Doyle. Pencil and colours. Manon Lescaut, three-quarter length, woman to left, with fan. Water-colour on grey paper. Beatrice Cenci. Pencil and sepia wash. Unless otherwise stated as above, the works in this collection are unpublished; all were executed Francesca di Rimini Dante.

Head in profile, to left; pencil. First published in "Later Work. Dante at the Court of Can Grande della Scala. Circular design, in pencil. Property of Miss H. Dante in Exile.

Aartsz, P.

Dante seated on the left, the words of the Sonnet inscribed on the right, with decorations recalling some design of William Blake's. Signed A. Designed as a Christmas card for the late Rev.

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Alfred Gurney. Published in "Later Work. Hail Mary. Profile of a head to left. Evans, Esq. Head , three-quarter face to right, with a Wreath of Grapes and Vine Leaves and background of tree trunks. Property of John Lane, Esq.

Thel Gathering the Lily. Pen-and-ink with water-colour wash. Formerly the property of Robert Ross, Esq. Two Figures in a Garret , both seated, a woman haranguing a young man. Published in "Early Work. Portrait sketch in pen-and-ink, with slight wash. Eight copies only. Printed on India paper. July The Witch of Atlas. Pen-and-ink and water-colour wash.

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First reproduced lacking ornamental border in "Second Book," again in "Later Work. Blue water-colour wash. Decorative composition in white and Indian ink, influenced by Burne-Jones. Soleil Couchant. Decorative composition in Indian ink. The motif of the central part was subsequently adapted for a vignette in the "Morte Darthur," Book II.


The Unexpected Profundity of Curious George

Study for decorative composition, in Indian ink. Withered Spring. Pen-and-ink and light wash. Design for an upright panel, with standing nude figure, above it a frieze of smaller figures. First published in "Early Work. A pencil sketch of two figures, unfinished, on the reverse of the preceding. First published in "Under the Hill. Hamlet patris panem Sequitur. Pencil drawing. Perseus and the Monstre. The Procession of Jeanne d'Arc. A pen-and-ink version of the Procession, 30 inches long by 7 high, was made subsequently, about the Spring of , for Robert Ross, Esq.

Published in The Studio ; see below.

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