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He said he then transferred to the central wheelhouse while crossing the harbour. As the Kea neared the dry dock at the Devonport Naval Base, van der Linden transferred control of the vessel back to the starboard station.

Quickcat problems: Frustrated ferry commuters forced to wait

However, as the ferry approached the wharf, he discovered he had no response or control of the vessel's starboard thruster. Despite van der Linden attempting to regain control and turn the Kea back into open water the ferry hit the wharf. There was no warning for passengers to brace before the crash, which projected passengers and crew forwards.

Unsecured bench seating on the Kea's main deck also toppled over and crumpled. All the seats on Fullers vessels are now fixed as a result of the crash. In Fullers had been twice warned by Maritime NZ about concerns with its equipment, court documents obtained by the Herald from the first case show. Fullers pleaded guilty over the incident for failing to take all practicable steps to ensure no action or inaction of any employee harmed another person.

The case also revealed that in late , Fullers upgraded the defective Kea's control system to a digital version, known as the follow-up mode. However, between October and the crash there were at least nine recorded faults with the system, preventing an alignment with all the control stations on the ferry, court documents read. On at least 15 days between October 29, and the crash, the Kea was out of service or at a reduced service due to the broken system.

In November , Fullers consulted with Maritime NZ about the issues on the ferry and it was decided the vessel would be operated without the follow-up mode.

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After the meeting, one of Kea's masters requested they sail the vessel from the central wheelhouse, because it provided access to the ferry's radar, GPS and engine gauges - which the wing stations did not. There was also a "large visual blind spot" caused by the Kea's funnel when navigating from the wing stations, the master said.

Masters of the Kea were then permitted to move between and manually operate the vessel from both the central and wing stations provided there was enough open sea. Additional watch crew were also assigned and only experienced masters were allowed to operate the troubled ferry. But in internal memos to staff during late November , Fuller's health and safety manager said the faults were still "resulting in a number of potentially serious control failure incidents".

The risks to the Kea were also still deemed "heightened" as masters continued to operate the ferry between the central and wing stations.

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Despite the disabling of the follow-up mode there were about a dozen incidents before the crash as the Kea's control was compromised by the "difficulties experienced by the masters in transferring manual control". This year, Waiheke Island ferry users have vented their frustration over delays on the Fullers services.

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The company makes some , voyages and transports about 4. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register.

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Fuller House, S02E04 "Curse of Tanner Manor"

NZME Network. Apparently Fuller wanted to introduce the character of Clarice Starling, played by Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs, but the rights to that character are currently unavailable. Despite the wreckage of cancelled shows in his wake, Bryan Fuller seems to have no problem getting work. He has been developing an adaptation of a Neil Gaiman novel American Gods which just got picked up by Starz, where he will serve as showrunner. So if all of his past projects have been cancelled, why do networks still want to work with him?

Networks know this. All of the shows Fuller has created thus far have had to do with death and other macabre themes, which might turn off some potential viewers, so there seems to be a need to present his ideas in a way that is pleasing to a wider audience. Fuller already has a very passionate fanbase.

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