Global Indonesia (Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia Series)

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It was only after it was agreed that ethnicity, in itself, is subject to change, were the questions of how and why it changes, possible to answer. This multiplicity of ethnic identities requires that we think of…. By Anne Decobert. For over sixty years, conflict between state forces and armed ethnic groups was ongoing in parts of the borderlands of Burma.

Ethnic minority communities were subjected to systematic and widespread abuses by an increasingly complex patchwork of armed state and non-state actors. Populations in more…. By Rebecca Strating. By examining the construction of political institutions….

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By Yanwar Pribadi. Islamic powers in secular countries have presented a challenge for states around the world, including Indonesia, home to the largest Muslim population as well as the third largest democracy in the world. This book explores the history of the relationships between Islam, state, and society in…. This book examines the different means through which Spain has revisited its ex-colony - the Philippines - since Since the country gained independence in , family and population policies have been integral to her nation-building strategies.

By Azmil Mohd Tayeb. Despite their close geographic and cultural ties, Indonesia and Malaysia have dramatically different Islamic education, with that in Indonesia being relatively decentralized and discursively diverse, while that in Malaysia is centralized and discursively restricted.

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The book explores the nature of…. By Deborah Cummins. Across many parts of the postcolonial world, it is everyday reality for people to cross regularly between state-based and customary governance, institutions and norms. This book examines this phenomenon in the context of the villages of Timor-Leste, and the state-building efforts that have been…. By Tony Wilson. How do visitors immersing themselves in material places such as shopping malls or video sites online make sense of the experience, enabling criticizing - or consenting to content?

How is this evident in behaviour? By Lynn T. White III. Philippine political history, especially in the twentieth century, challenges the image of democratic evolution as serving the people, and does so in ways that reveal inadequately explored aspects of many democracies.

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In the first decades of the twenty-first century the Philippines has nonetheless…. So-called non-traditional security issues…. By David Hicks. By the end of the s the process of decolonization had practically run its course in Southeast Asia.

One exception, however, was tiny Portuguese Timor, where notions of self-determination and independence had yet to be generated. In , the Carnation Revolution in Portugal brought about the…. Edited by Ooi Keat Gin. Brunei, although a relatively small state, is disproportionately important on account of its rich resource base. In addition, in recent years the country has endeavoured to play a greater role in regional affairs, especially through ASEAN, holding the chair of the organisation in , and also…. By Gisele Bousquet. Most studies on urbanisation focus on the move of rural people to cities and the impact this has, both on the cities to which the people have moved, and on the rural communities they have left.

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This book, on the other hand, considers the impact on rural communities of the physical expansion of…. By Chenda Keo. Reporting the findings of a comprehensive study of human trafficking in Cambodia, this book focuses on the characteristics and operations of the traffickers. It provides a theoretical framework that explains the emergence of the phenomenon, and the role of moral panic and western hegemony in the….

Edited by Kaj Arhem , Guido Sprenger. Animism refers to ontologies or worldviews which assign agency and personhood to human and non-human beings alike. Recent years have seen a revival of this concept in anthropology, where it is now discussed as an alternative to modern-Western naturalistic notions of human-environment relations. By Budi Hernawan. State-sponsored torture and peacebuilding encapsulate the essence of many of the current conflicts in Indonesia. Papua in particular provides a thought-provoking example of the intricacy and complexity of building peace amidst enduring conflict and violence.

This book examines the complex power…. By Dominik M. By Micheline Lessard.

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  8. Examining the widespread phenomenon of human trafficking in Vietnam during the period of French colonial rule, this book focuses on the practice of kidnapping or stealing Vietnamese women and children for sale in Chinese markets from the s through to the s. The book brings to light the…. By Rajeswary Ampalavanar Brown. This book addresses the complexity of Islam in Thailand, by focusing on Islamic charities and institutions affiliated to the mosque.

    By extrapolating through Islam and the waqf Islamic charity in different regions of Thailand the diversity in races and institutions, it demonstrates the regional…. By Lyn Parker , Pam Nilan. The youth demographic is a large and growing cohort in Indonesia, and adolescents embody the currents of social change. Throughout the twentieth century they were significant agents of social protest leading to social and political transformation. This book looks at the importance of adolescents in….

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    By Christopher J. Focusing on rural development and environmental management, this book brings together the detailed history of development in East Timor under two colonial regimes and under the contemporary conditions of national independence. By Susan Leong.

    In the four decades or so since its invention, the internet has become pivotal to how many societies function, influencing how individual citizens interact with and respond to their governments. Within Southeast Asia, while most governments subscribe to the belief that new media technological…. By Ratno Lukito. With the revival of Islamic law and adat customary law in the country, this book investigates the history and phenomenon of legal pluralism in Indonesia.

    It looks at how the ideal of modernity in Indonesia has been characterized by a state-driven effort in the post-colonial era to make the…. By Ehito Kimura. What makes large, multi-ethnic states hang together? At a time when ethnic and religious conflict has gained global prominence, the territorial organization of states is a critical area of study. Exploring how multi-ethnic and geographically dispersed states grapple with questions of territorial….

    Edited by Ngoh Tiong Tan. Social change affects all quarters of life and human society whether in individual neighbourhoods, communities or nations, or in the world as a whole — encompassing many issues of gender, age, social class and ethnicity. This book examines both the conceptual as well as operational aspects of…. By Simon Butt. By Antje Missbach. The socio-political activities of the Acehnese diaspora, located mainly in Malaysia, Scandinavia, the USA and Australia, have been of fundamental importance to conflict and politics within Aceh.

    The intensity of the relations between the diaspora and the homeland was mainly determined by the…. By Sulfikar Amir. Using a historical sociology approach, this book illustrates the formation of the technological state in Indonesia during the New Order period It explores the nexus between power, high technology, development, and authoritarianism situated in the Southeast Asian context.

    The book…. By Roland Rich. Political parties are an essential ingredient in a modern democracy. They are also seen as the least trusted and most problematic institution in most democratic systems. While there have been attempts to strengthen parties through institutional design and capacity building, a new strategy has been…. By Lydia M. In , East Timor became an independent state following a long conflict with Indonesia, and went on to adopt a semi-presidential form of government.

    In a semi-presidential system there is a directly elected fixed-term president, prime minister and government who are collectively responsible for….

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    The project asks whether Islamic finance offers an alternative economic rationality to conventional capitalism or whether it simply represents a translation of homo economicus into Islamic idioms. This ethnographic study of the everyday practices of creating a transnational Islamic financial infrastructure offers the possibility of an alternative conceptualization of globalization, insofar as it focuses on a global network in which traditional centers in Europe, the United States, and East Asia play a relatively minor role.

    This project analyzes a socio-technical scheme for developing faith in contemporary Southeast Asia. I analyze how Islam is mobilized to facilitate the neoliberal reform of state-owned enterprises planned for privatization. November September August April March