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It takes place at a school called Ash Grove for preforming arts in North Carolina. We meet out main character Joy here. She is a student at the school who doesn't quite fit in with the popular crowd as she isn't beautiful, or skinny, or have an amazing skill at the preforming arts. She is also strugging in school and her dad is away for cancer treatement. In a struggle to try and fit in she takes a dare from Sheila, one of the popular gir The Shadow and the Rose is a young adult paranormal story. In a struggle to try and fit in she takes a dare from Sheila, one of the popular girls and takes a trip to the mysterious graveyard to take a wild white rose from the grave of long dead Josiah Cavanaugh's grave.

Unbeknownst to her this is also the place that she would meet the troubled man of her dreams Tanner Lindsey. Tanner is currently under the control of his guardian Melisande whom is also his mentor in modeling who is very possessive. Will Melisande let this love be? Or will she keep them apart at all cost? I really enjoyed this book from begining to finish.

I love how good it flowed from the pages and made me feel like I was right there the whole time. I loved how the heroine Joy wasn't your average prissy cheerleader that I am so used to seeing in young adult fiction. It made me happy to know that some people can see that beauty isn't just skin deep. I would however say to err on the side of caution for teen readers under 14 or so because of subject matter.

I can't wait for the next installment! Jan 20, Marsha rated it liked it. You see, it is difficult to care about the outcome for characters who are rarely included into chapters. That was the case for me with the relationship between Tan aka Tanner and Joy. He is absent for most of book so not only did I not care about his out some I had a hard time believing he and Joy were truly in love. Joy is a student as a prestigious academy whose primary focus is on the P 2.

Joy is a student as a prestigious academy whose primary focus is on the Performing Arts. Her mother died in a car accident and her father is off getting cancer treatments. As she struggles with all that is own her plate, the students at the academy hear t g at the famous supermodel, Melisande is coming to town. When she arrives she brings her entourage that includes Tan or Tanner, a boy who use to attend her school.

When Tan and Joy begin hanging out together, the students take notice; yet, not everyone is happy about this especially Melisande.

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Joy and Tan continue to see each other but in secret. Their budding relationship will have everlasting consequences. The question is will Joy or Tan survive? As I stated, I just didn't really enjoyed this book.

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The plot was slow moving with very little action and the relationships were cursory at best. I felt Tan was a jerk by the way he treated Joy and I really didn't care what happens to him. It's difficult to say much more without giving away spoilers. Once again, read it for yourself and decide. Feb 06, Dana Wood rated it did not like it. I'll be frank, Joy falls in love with a boy who has been seduced by some tiype of "psychic vampire" who sucks the life force from men. I'm digusted that this a book for teens. I refuse to finish it. Feb 18, Eskimo Princess Jenkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , ya , kindle , paranormal-romance.

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Awesome read. Joy is a determined young girl and a special school. The school is for talented teens, talented in the arts of dance, music and theater. She has had to move into the dorms because her father has gone to Oklahoma for cancer treatments. One night on a dare she visits the graveyard and meets Tanner. Later, she realizes he is Tristan a super model. He also used to be a student at Ash Grove.

He has an at Awesome read. He has an attraction to Joy, but is subconsciously pulled to Melisande-something he can't understand. Joy experiences some supernatural things around the school. And they discussed that Melisande may not be human. Joy does some investigating of her own, and tries to warn Tanner. But he just can't stop the pull to Melisande and get away.

In the end though, Joy and Tanner together break the "spell" Melisande has over him.

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  8. Amanda DeWees, wrote a great YA book with this one! The characters are good, you even have the overprotective best friend. There is not alot of paranormal in this book, but its there. The humor is wonderful and I really enjoyed the pop culture references throughout this tale of mystery and enchantment.

    The setting for the story is the mountains of the Southern US and it makes a lovely backdrop for Ash Grove and the locale is certainly not something you see often in the contemporary paranormal genre. It was a pleasant surprise to see an author make use of such a beautiful part of the country in this type of book. Joy is a perky and down-to-earth lead character with strong disposition, creating a nice variance among the other characters.

    You identify with Joy immediately and with every twist and turn of the story, you're left guessing if she will overcome the evil that dwells nearby. It's a difficult thing to find in YA books: a character you really, truly care about. DeWees creates a realistic environment and realistic people so it's very easy to become absorbed in the many mysteries surrounding Ash Grove. I highly recommend this title to anyone who enjoys the YA Paranormal and even those who just enjoy Paranormal Romance or Gothic Romance, this story isn't just for tweeny-boppers who have an Edward Cullen fascination.

    Can't wait to start the next book. Good show, Amanda! May 17, Autum rated it it was amazing. I was quickly drawn in the story and to be honest stayed up late last night because I just had to know what would happen.

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    Joy is a sixteen year old girl, with a lot of stuff to deal with like many teen girls go thru. She accepts a dare to visit a graveyard from Sheila, who I guess for a better word her worst enemy at school. She is not sure if she will see him again. There a secrets to be learned both about the school and Tanner, and well I don't want to give them away. But I will say this Joy is a sweet, optimistic, and feisty girl. Who takes on her dreams, and challenges with a grace to be admired.