Little Nancy: The Journey Home

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Thanks so much, Ceri, for your wonderful support! Still tweaking the epilogue, but I shall conquer this, I shall!!

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Written so beautifully, I love all your books and am loving this one so far. Thanks ever so much for the kind words about my books! All the best and thanks for reading! Looking forward to publication. Thank you for sharing.

Little Nancy : The Journey Home

Unbelievably sweet! This brought tears!! Thank you for another installment! Thanks ever so much for your wonderful words, Carol, and for coming to read this installment too. I love love love this story! And this installment, especially the comments about the eyelashes, is even better than the first two! Have a great day and a fun weekend!

I loved this chapter when Elizabeth realised that Darcy still loved her! Your messages always put such a huge smile on my face! So, so happy you love the story!! Best of luck in the giveaway and have a lovely weekend. Thanks for coming back to read it. All the best and good luck in the giveaway.

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All the best and thanks for coming back to read this excerpt too. I succumbed and glad I am that I did. But now I have to wait til September!!!

This is too delicious. Over the moon that you thought it was delicious!! And sorry about the wait.

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Congrats on publishing another variation for those of us who love JAFF. Wonderful to hear you found it stimulating, foreverHis! Many thanks for following the story and all the best! What an amazing story Joana. Thank you for writing this version of the what if the Gardiners did not travel to Derbyshire.

I feel lucky as I have been away and so read episodes 1, 2 and 3 in one giant gulp and enjoyed it no end. So now to wait until September to read what happens next? Shock Horror indeed, Ann!! My oh my, what would Lady Catherine say? Not to mention Miss Bingley and all the other ladies who have set their caps at Mr Darcy. Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading! Oh baby, what a chapter!!! Elizabeth alone with Darcy with her arm across her chest with her hand clasped within his.

What will be the reaction when Aunt Gardiner orUncle when they arrive with the doctor?? An urgent marriage would have made their lives an awful lot easier. Thank you dear Joana for this flawlessly flowing and truly glorious piece of writing. Excellently executed and too soon interrupted.

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Thanks for stopping by to read the post! Much, much appreciated! That was absolutely beautiful!!! She knows now that he still loves her…I just hope they can speak honestly with each other when he wakes up. A wonderful beginning to a story with so much promise!

Little Nancy: The Journey Home

I love it!! Thanks so much, Lisa! Fun premise and I like that Elizabeth is seeing herself clearly early on rather than remaining obstinate. Looking forward to reading more. Of course, WE know that. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Yes we do :. Thanks for coming back to read the third excerpt, Ginna! Subconsciously, I hope he heard what she said. It was a perfect ending when Mr.

Little Nancy: The Journey Home by Nancy Álvarez

Darcy asked her to stay. Thank you for these excerpts and giveaway. I do hope there will be an audiobook too, Eva. Not with the eBook though. Thanks for asking and have a good week! I have never participated in anything like this before. Thanks so much for reading the excerpts and the comments, Deborah, and for sharing your thoughts!

That was so beautiful. I so love your writing. Thanks so much for your wonderful support, Michelle, and for your ever so kind words about my writing! Have a great time on your trip and thanks for reading! I am swooning here — just so beautiful. As she said — the subconscious tells so much. How can she not fall in love with that man?

Loving this story and so ready to read…the rest of the story. Thanks you for sharing your talents. As I have said in the past you write such beautiful prose. Do you speak this way with your friends and family or do you become another person when you write? Thank you, Sheila!!

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Oh what an avowal of their feelings in a desperately less than proper setting!