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Baked works but comes out denser and more compact, and you need to scoop hot potato out of the shells which results in more wastage than peeling them raw.


Boiled needs to be dried out in the pot because they absorb more water, and you need to watch the pot; I like the convenience of walking away. I have honestly been fine with the instant pot, but you need to make sure they are fully cooked--if the potatoes are large, cut them smaller than quarters. Also, my experience has been not to dray around--get those potatoes through the mill ASAP once cooked and get the butter preferably softened right in.

My creamiest potatoes come from mashing in all the butter and only adding milk my preference over cream once the potatoes have fully absorbed all the butter. This means you add a minimum of milk, only enough to ensure a correct consistency. Monika October 12, Another vote for using a hand mixer, which was not tested.

I boil Russets with a peeled and halved onion try it!

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I drain them, and then dry them out over medium heat in the pan. Add butter, salt and hot milk hate the mouthfeel of cream. People swoon over my mashed potatoes.

How to Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes

My grandma taught me to use old high starch potatoes for the best mash. Also, I use a Braun handmixer, which has very thin beaters, very wire-like. They beat in a lot of air, and are not brutal like paddles or a blender. A handmixer also gives you great control, more than the other methods except for the fork.

I used to make them with a ricer, but did not find them as fluffy, and on occasion, gluey. October 12, Sounds like the Omas know best. And I agree regarding the shape of the blades on the hand mixers - it makes a difference - and the control. My mom taught me to always add a peeled clove or more of garlic depends on how many potatoes are being cooked to the pot whenever I boil potatoes.

Also, to make sure the water is salted well. Salted water is so important, too. I'm always surprised at how much salt a potato can take. Patti P. Agree with the hand mash Then mix in butter, salt and pepper first, add milk, finishing up with hand mixer. I add garlic when I remember, and will definitely try the onion idea! John D. For the instant pot method, use a red or gold potato. Cover with water, pressure cook on manual for 10 minutes. I use a stand mixer with a whisk attachment to mash, you can adjust the time based on the desired texture. I never bother with peeling. Add some cream, butter, and salt - they're perfect every time!

October 14, I will never, ever make them any other way for the rest of time. Instant pot mashed potatoes are easy, fun, fast and utterly delicious every single time. The thought of using a ricer or blender and having to clean it makes me shiver. IP for the win. I've used a hand mixer for years and there's never any left over mashed potatoes in my house - no matter how much I make or how hard I tried to save the "leftovers" for potato soup.

Sometimes they are stiffer organic potatoes and sometimes they are softer when I left them get a little too cooked in the pot. But it's the same mixing technique every time.

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Nary a lump and no left overs. The kids fight to lick the beaters like they have frosting on them. We call them "Oma's Mashed Potatoes" in honor of my German mother. And just for the record, I go to a relative's house for Thanksgiving every year. Everything is beyond perfect -- except the mash, which someone else prepares by using an immersion blender. It's a crime against humanity what an immersion blender does to mashed potatoes.

Use Yukon golds

Nichole October 13, Hand mixer all the way here. I literally own one only for this purpose. They just come out better event compared to my kitchenaide. So, for the Steingarten method, sous vide at for an hour or so, then chill and cook. Easy peasy. Phoebe I.

Deluxe Mashed Potatoes Recipe | Taste of Home

November 4, I came to comment that I imagine that sous vide might make this method easier. Do you seal them for the sous vide or just dump them in? Peeled or not?

Details, please and thank you! Danuta G. Hand masher all the way! And I never have any lumps! Works every time Anne C. Use cornstarch in cold water in a jar. Shake it up and using a whisk, add it to your gravy slowly. Not too much because soon it will start to thicken. It will not lump like flour and is easier to work with. If it gets too thick, thin it with stock. Christine B. Suzy S. I, too, have no lumps with the hand masher. I will say that life got much easier when I switched to the round, flat kind with holes instead of the TV- antenna shape I grew up with.

For large amounts, I use the cook-in-milk-in-the-slow-cooker method. You mash them right in the crock, and then they keep warm in the slow cooker. The texture is lovely, and the flavor is a little richer as the milk can caramelize a bit.

I like them fluffy and my masher has small square holes. That seems to be the secret of getting out the lumps. Sometimes my preference is to see the visual melt on hot potatoes. Bri L. Eye roll. Using pseudo science cell separation??? As a cell biologist who cooks, my eyes are still rolling Stephanie B. But have fun using your profession as a way to be condescending, if you try it again maybe just do a quick fact check.

Another masher here. My hand masher is one of those with a square grid.