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I can't believe I just admitted that. Now one study is showing that we should do more than just imagine life without our smartphones—maybe we should try putting them down more often, because they may be contributing to our lack of fitness. New research from Kent State University has found a link between heavy cell phone usage and poor fitness in college students. The researchers studied students in the Midwest to find out how much time they spent on their cells every day, and tested the fitness levels and body composition of a portion of them.

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The results: The people who spent lots of time on their phones—as much as 14 hours a day! The researchers found that the students who were spending lots of time on their phones were supplementing with time on other media—video games, movies—which shows they may not have been all that interested in exercise in the first place. Notice a theme? Yep, all men!

The wildly talented Ms. Worth, Texas!

Her first novel was Strangers on a Train. You know the one: it was famously made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock in That was hers too, and Tom Ripley is one of the most disturbing characters in crime fiction history, in my opinion. Sadly, Ms. Highsmith passed away in , but she has a bibliography of over 20 novels and many short stories, so what are you waiting for?

Megan is the author of six novels, the first of which, The Street Was Mine , is a study of hardboiled noir. The Song is You is based on a true story.

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Next up is one of the coolest chicks in crime fiction today: Christa Faust. Christa is also the first woman to write for Hard Case Crime!