Mormon Underwear

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One of the more memorable bits of advice I received on garments came shortly after I arrived in South America. A veteran elder, grizzled and anemic-looking, pointed at my butt and told me I might want to cut off the button there. Split seconds matter.

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He was right, as I later learned while on a dead run for a toilet after eating at a fly-bothered roadside cafe. It was a race I lost by a full minute. As I mentioned before, garments are a cheap go-to when trying to be funny about Mormons.

When it comes to laughing or mockery, check your agenda. Was that with or at? We all have something we cherish. If everything is indeed fair game, then should we have more sport with fat people, thin people, women, LGBTQ people, ethnic groups, patriotism and even you?

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  5. Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs. This rumor was a bit different, in that these women actually had bought examples of the garments in question.

    Mormon church explains undergarments, denounces 'magic Mormon underwear' jokes

    One posted a photo of the enclosed explanation that came in the package:. So I gamely ordered my own, and let me just say: These are miles better than what the church used to offer women before. Consider me a convert. Here are the main things I like about them:.

    The Temple Garment

    You will be shocked to hear that I was very specific about my likes and dislikes, some of which I complained about in a post. So I was surprised and happy to find that almost everything I complained about has been corrected.

    “Mormon Underwear” is the Temple Garment and is Sacred to Latter-day Saints

    A store where Mormons may purchase temple garments. Screenshot of LDS video.

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    Mormon Underwear

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