New World: Nick Smith Book one (Nick Smith Series 1)

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Nick and his friends leave Bournemouth and start traveling towards Cornwall. They continue their quest to find a safe place to live. Their hopes and their spirits are high in the warm summer Nick must recover from his dreadful discovery at Badger farm.

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In this book he faces all of his Demons. He must face terrible odds, beatings and imprisonment but he will also find new friends and an unlikely ally.

Nick Smith trying to steal Dawson’s car

While Nick Two years have gone by since Nick and Beth met at the motorway services on the M3. They are now living the good life and a lot has changed for both them and the country.

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With Simon out of the way though, Klaus has his own A global flu pandemic has wiped out ninety nine percent of the worlds population. The UK is now lawless and the power is off. The survivors are left to fight over the remaining supplies of food and water.

Nick Smith is a man Go back with Nick to a time before the pandemic. Nick Smith is a young man with a hard destiny.

Nick Smith Series

Learn how he is forged. Watch as extreme hardship and betrayal turn him into a man of iron. This is a book rammed full of action.

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