No Choice But Seduction (Malory-Anderson Family Book 9)

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The crates were stacked five high, which was at least twice her height, and instead of being tied down as they should have been, they were stacked in a pyramid, with the larger ones at the bottom so the stack would be less likely to topple over. Boyd arrived too late. She was trying now to coax it into the basket. The bird, lured by the food in the basket, finally toppled into it. She must have realized that as she glanced down at her feet.

She turned her head and looked down at him. Thank you! I had no idea this was going to be much more difficult than it first appeared. He used a small, empty barrel as a stepping-stone to reach the top of the first crate. She was lowering herself to the second crate when her hold slipped and she tumbled backward. Boyd moved quickly and caught her in his arms. Her eyes were wide with shock. So were his. What an unexpected boon. He looked down into her dark emerald-green eyes, and her face….

God, his eyes had deceived him. She was much prettier up close. And holding her cradled in his arms like that, with the fingers of one hand touching one of her breasts and his arm wrapped around her derriere, his body responded, and all he could think about was kissing her. Unnerved that he could desire a woman so intensely and so quickly, he set her down instantly. Away from him. She straightened her lavender skirt before she glanced back at him. Thank you so much. That was—alarming.

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Do you? Well, I own one of the cabins on it, at least until we reach England. She grinned. God, there were those adorable dimples again. He was surprised he was even capable of conversation—if he could call it that. What the devil had induced him to mention that he owned the ship? He never did that!

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It smacked of bragging—or trying too hard to impress. No, my mother liked to keep things simple. She knew she was going to call me Katey, so she figured why not just skip the Catherine part and name me that. He smiled.

She looked like a Katey somehow. Sleeves rolled up, hair braided instead of tightly bound in a severe coiffure, climbing dockside crates! What a perfect idea! I was going to look for an older child who would like to care for it.

No Choice but Seduction (Malory-Anderson Family Series #9)

She was beautiful and she had a kind heart. She blinked at him uncertainly. Well—thank you. All of a sudden she ran off. Boyd turned around and saw her running toward a child who had wandered over to the edge of the dock. Only a few years old, the child was precariously leaning over, looking down at the water, and was in danger of falling in.

Boyd started to follow her, but decided against it. She might think he was being too forward. Had he been too direct, perhaps even improper?

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But he was sure he could be as charming as his brother Drew if he put his mind to it. After taking a thorough ribbing from Philips about his having to waste his doctoring skills on a tasty snack, Boyd returned to the deck. And Katey Tyler was on board. His eyes, then his feet, went right to her. She was standing at the rail near the plank, gazing at the town as he had earlier done.

He stopped right behind her. She turned around so swiftly, she brushed against him. Loath to lose the contact, Boyd was a bit slow in stepping back to give her room.

Believe me, if you had lived here, I would have been coming home much more often. His words and his smile might have been a bit too bold because she was obviously flustered. She glanced down, then started to turn back toward the dock, but something else caught her attention. Katey bent down and picked up one of the children and set it on her hip, ruffling its hair. He was joking, but Katey glanced at him with a frown on her pretty face.

Then her eyes widened and she said, Yes!

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I should go and help my maid. Those two darlings can be a handful. Tyrus came up to him, clapping a hand on his shoulder. The good ones are already taken. With him on it! Henry and Artie had tossed a coin to see who would sail with James for the rescue. Henry had lost. A normal butler would never have let the tray on the hall table overflow with invitations and letters.

But in the eight years since Henry and Artie had begun sharing the job, neither of them had learned how to be a proper butler. That afternoon when Boyd Anderson returned to the Malory house in Berkeley Square, he found the note on his tray, along with a few other cards that had slid off the larger pile next to it. Other Malorys in London could have taken her, but since Boyd was staying at her London house, Georgina had asked him to keep an eye on Jacqueline until he sailed again.

He would have preferred to go along for the rescue. That would have been a fine bit of work to tease his brother Drew about. Roslynn Malory turned out not to be pregnant. Boyd ended up not sailing as expected. And Jack, as her father had named her at birth, was happy enough where she was, since she still got to visit with her cousin Judith as often as she liked.