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By the end of , Argentina was suffering from 47 percent inflation, and the dollar had risen from 10 to 46 pesos over four years, with unemployment at 10 percent, the highest rate since In terms of broader social policy, the government sustained a number of ambiguous positions.

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For example, Macri approved parliamentary debate on the legalization of abortion and allowed his party deputies to decide freely on the matter, despite his own personal opposition. The bill was ultimately voted down in the Senate.

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According to this narrative, while the Kirchner governments saw an increase in purchasing power and popular consumption, this was essentially fictitious growth. The current government argues that subsidies for public services and growth in public expenditures and corruption had produced a sense of well-being that was only sustainable in the short-term.

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Though results may not be visible in his first term, they will undoubtedly soon emerge if the citizenry grants Macri four more years in the Casa Rosada. By including Senator Pichetto on the presidential ticket, Macri has injected a sense of enthusiasm into the campaign.

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Pichetto himself is an odd figure: he combines liberal economic views with pro-U. If anything is haunting the current electoral year, it is the ghost of the former president.

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However, the ensuing period has not been simple for the two-time president. Unlike in other Pink Tide governments, Kirchnerism did not emerge from a new party but rather from a particular strain of Peronism, an enigmatic political identity.

In fact, Kirchnerism was able to attract broad sectors of middle-class progressives who came from outside the ranks of Peronism. Despite her popularity in the peripheries of Buenos Aires, Cristina Kirchner took second place when she ran for the senate in the province of Buenos Aires in , only winning a seat by minority vote.

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Public—and personal—financing through opaque handling of multi-million-dollar budgets for public works has produced major fallout. Its governments stimulated popular consumption, and generally refrained from using state violence against social protest. But the Kirchnerist economic model did not achieve structural reform. Duration Approximately 2 hours 40 minutes.

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A new performance space at Open Stage. Continue Reading. Religious Movement: Christians in the Harrisburg area are eschewing old church buildings to meet in bars, homes, and renovated commercial properties. January 31, by Lizzy Hardison. January 23, by Lizzy Hardison. Mayor seeks new contract, broader goals for lobbying efforts.