Smart Words: Vocabulary for the Erudite

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After consulting with a past English teacher, my sister, Lesley Hamilton , and a future English teacher, my daughter, Terra Rothpletz , we came up with a list of words that are dispersed by educators but not necessarily understood by students. Rather than list the definitions here, I thought it might be better to just include the link so that you could test yourself.

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Look at the following words and see how well you do. To find out the definitions, just click on the word. As a writer, I was looking for new ways to expand my vocabulary, without getting locked into a set list of words that are more commonly used, or by using the same lists other writers and students use for vocabulary builders. I stumbled upon this list along my search and decided to test myself.

Erudite English Word Smart Vocabulary

Of course some words were quite familiar, and still others had me staring at them with intransigence as I willed my mind to figure out the meaning of a common word to no avail. I think this is a wonderful list. I plan to familiarize myself with each of these words, as well as passing it on to my husband who writes as well and my youngest brother who is a college student.

Word Smart Vocabulary Building - Part 5

You've heard of Words with Friends? Get ready for vocabulary words with friends.

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Words U for iOS is a messaging app aimed at students or anyone else looking to increase their word power. It's free, and the English major in me absolutely loves it.

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It works like this: You start a text chat with a friend, same as you normally would. The moment you tap Send, however, the app analyzes your message and swaps out ordinary words for SAT-level ones.

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Thus, "hi" becomes "salutations," "interesting" becomes "riveting," and so on. Any substituted words are highlighted in blue, and you can tap them to read a definition. Can't recall what your original word was? Tap and hold the light bulb icon to toggle back to the original message. Words U also gamifies the learning process: You "level up" as you discover more words, and you can use "memory stacks" essentially flash cards to quiz yourself on new words and their definitions. The app's pricing model is a bit unusual.