The Man Code: The Rules Every Man Should Live His Life By

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Is being right all the time really worth it? Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you not stand up for what you believe in. Always stand for what's right in that aspect.

3 Rules Every Man Needs To Live His Best Life - Culture Carton

I'm talking about the little things we all spend way too much time bickering about. I choose happiness 9 times out of The truth is, a strong relationship is a fluid thing…it fluctuates and changes from day to day. Understand the dynamics up front, and if you are willing to put the effort in, and you can build a strong relationship that will last. Memento Mori. In ancient times, Roman generals returning to huge celebrations in Rome were sometimes known to have a servant ride in the chariot with them. It was a reminder that they too, would die.

It was a way of reminding themselves that death could come at any moment and in that way, they were no different than anyone else. It was a way of staying humble despite the praise and adoration being thrown on them by the crowds.

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Another way of looking at it is as a reminder to stay present in each moment and to cherish life. I advise you do the same. Far too often I see people around me buried in their phones and unaware that life is going on all around them. You can choose to put the phone down, turn off the TV, or just take a breath…and to enjoy the moment. Because, as the stoic philosophers would remind us, death can come at any moment. It is. Get a dog. I firmly believe that dogs are the closest thing to heaven we can aspire to in this world. Yeah, they make messes, tear stuff up, smell bad sometimes…I get it.

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But they also love you unconditionally. That's worth repeating And all they ask in return is some attention and the chance to spend time with you. Get in the floor and play with them as often as you can. They are the model God put on earth to show us how we should love. You are who you believe you are. Thoughts are things, powerful things. Thoughts govern how you perceive yourself and the actions you take based on those perceptions.

So, how you choose to think, or believe, defines who you are inside…which defines what you do. You can choose how you perceive yourself and by doing so you choose who you are. It really is as simple as deciding what kind of person you want to be and then acting, in all things, the way that version of you would. Fake it till you make it, I guess you might say. This, more than all the rest, is the one thing I hope you take away from this list.

There you have it Like all things, it's open to debate and to questions. I hope it encourages some conversations out there. More than that, I hope it is a beginning and that others take what I have written, add to it, rearrange it, and change it as they see fit. And then…share it. But, mostly, I hope it encourages action. Knowledge, they say, is power. Only knowledge followed by action, is power. Should have made that number 16……. And to my two sons: I wish you nothing but the best this life has to offer.

Buy nice pieces of furniture one at a time and keep them for years. Confidence and humor trump good looks every time.

When at a theme park, ask if you can sit in the front seat. You might have to wait five minutes longer, but it'll always be worth it. Never be afraid to put a wager on something with a friend, but always pay your debts immediately. Pushing someone into a pool is never a good idea. When parking is tough, valet is almost always worth it.

Keep some emergency tens in your glove compartment for times when you don't have cash on you. You'll be happier and more confident in a clean car, regardless of the make and model, so try to get it washed as often as possible. Your significant other will never tire of receiving flowers, but it's best to do is right. Avoid the half hearted bouquet wrapped in see-through plastic with a grocery store sticker on it and build a relationship with a local florist instead.

If you catch a baseball at a ball game, never keep it for yourself.

3 Rules Every Man Needs To Live His Best Life

Find the youngest kid near you and toss it to him or her. Always hold the door open. A thoughtful handwritten thank you note goes an extremely long way. Keychain and wallet--two things that should never be large and clunky.

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Paying a little extra to get out of the cheap seats is almost always worth it. When traveling, try to fully unpack. Hang your clothes in the closet and put your bag away. It's easier to relax and be comfortable when you're not living out of a suitcase. There's absolutely nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself, especially if it's a matinee.

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You, and you alone, are responsible for your decisions and the consequences of those decisions. No one else is or can be. Take the chance. The books we kept bottled up inside but never took the time to put on paper. The ideas we had that we never shared. The people we loved, but never told. Only worry when there is something to worry about. The truth is most of the things we worry the most over never come to fruition. And if they do, they are seldom anywhere near as atrocious as we have built them up to be in our minds. So, learn to relax and find a way not to worry about things.

Elbows, shoulders, hips…you take care of them and they will take care of you. Abuse them by not following proper form working out, or by pushing them a little too hard playing sports and …boom. Lots of pain that only gets more painful the older you get.

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Understand, there are no rules. Some are valid; others are not. What you need to understand is that the only rules you have to follow are those you choose for yourself. Love for example Pick up some of those wet toilet wipes for the bathroom. It will change your life.