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Researchers have repeatedly found that wealthy students enjoy significant advantages throughout the college application process, and that income greatly impacts a student's performance on standardized tests. Mcardle from the University of Southern California found that wealthy students earn higher SAT scores compared to their low-income peers and that the difference in SAT scores between high- and low-income students was twice as large among black students compared to white students. Wealth doesn't just impact SAT scores. According to a recent report from the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce , " Born to Win, Schooled to Lose ," being born wealthy is actually a better indicator of adult success in the U.

One reason wealthier students get higher SAT scores is because they can afford to take the test several times, which has been known to increase a students' score. These costs can be prohibitively expensive for many students. Many low-income students are provided fee waivers that cover two free SATs, with or without the essay, and six free SAT subject tests.

But wealthy students are still more likely to have taken standardized tests like the SAT more than once. Students who live in wealthy school districts typically attend better-funded schools.

These funding disparities mean that wealthy students are more likely to attend high schools that will give them advantages in the college application and standardized test-taking processes. Wealthy students are more likely to attend high schools with a significant number of AP classes , more likely to have access to tutors and more likely to have taken standardized test preparation classes — all advantages that have been tied to higher standardized test scores.

Students from high-income families are also more likely to get additional time during standardized tests than their lower-income counterparts. The Wall Street Journal analyzed data from 9, public schools and found that students in affluent areas are most likely to get special " designations," typically provided to students with anxiety or ADHD, which allow special academic accommodations, like extra time or a private space when taking exams of all sorts — including the SAT.

The indictment also states that "most selective colleges in the United States require students to take a standardized test, such as the ACT or the SAT, as part of the admissions process. FairTest, an advocacy group that draws attention to the biases in the current standardized testing processes, lists as many as test-optional and test-flexible schools in the U. According to a study titled Defining Access: How Test-Optional Works , colleges that are considered "test optional" enroll — and graduate — a higher proportion of low-income students, first generation-students and students from diverse backgrounds.

Still, some say that standardized testing is one of the most objective measures currently at schools disposal for assessing student achievement and potential. It could land you in trouble! Rent it. Living in a big new house also contradicts the first rule of cut your expenses. I know many of you want to buy a house while you are still in debt. You are eager to make money in real estate NOW. This is how you will pay off that debt and retire wealthy. Do you agree with my steps?

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How about my approach to mortgages. Comment with your thoughts on this strategy or how you did it. We have a mortgage on our primary residence which I bought at foreclosure auction. We have 3 kids under 6 so I am stuck with trying to pay the mortgage early or save for college, or both.

I could sell it and finally get as much as I paid for it 13 years ago, or keep it and let the renters pay down the mortgage and use it as my college savings plan. I also hear the siren song of investing in rentals and have quite a bit of cash saved that could go toward a down payment or two. So my questions for you and other readers: 1.

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Pay off house earlyish? Start s for the kids? Attempt both at the same time? Sell the condo or keep it as a college savings plan? Look to buy a duplex or some other rental property as a way to help fund expenses between military retirement and full retirement age? You said you have some cash right now.

Contribute the max towards each kids this year, then put the rest on the mortgage. There is a guaranteed savings in paying off a mortgage early. Their is also a huge psychological benefit. There is no guarantee that your investments will make money over the next years. Paying off early is the way to go. It makes retirement much easier.

No mortgage payment. Based on the limited info I have, I would sell your other rental property. You are maybe breaking even to slowly pay down a mortgage. Very slowly. Less than that, you are better off selling. Make sure you crunch all the numbers and see what you are really making on your rental. The market and the timing of your successes in real estate are very unpredictable. And losing control of your debt is one of the easiest ways to lose control.

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For other reasons? Not so much. With that said, I think there are some strategies that can be a happy medium — like using leverage and then debt snowballing it quickly years. This allows you to buy intensely in one phase perhaps when the deals are available , and then focus on management and debt pay down in the next phase. Then repeat if you want. Fun debates, but the bottom line is your proof is in the pudding. Chad, thanks for commenting over here.

You do it right. Debt can accelerate your profits. The opposite is also true.

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Your point is well taken. It can be done smartly.

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That being said, I do caution beginners against too much borrowing. Are you even able to get a loan for K? I like the idea of debt snowballing. I am an older fart so time is of the essence for me: … been reading Coach Carson for some time.. Rich, very much enjoying your blog! Very clear and concise and love the humor in-between. By the way , who is your property management company:. I am stepping away!

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  8. Superb article, Rich. I just sold my first rental property which I owned for 7 years. It did not cash flow very well since I bought it to live in and not as a real investment property.

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    Just trying to figure out if I should stop investing no new money in retirement accounts and move to the real estate arena. Me and the wife have been analyzing properties in our home state of GA for the past 5 months for fun and we have found some properties that look pretty good on paper. Thank you for your sacrifice to our country. We really love reading your articles! I would say save from the new money coming in. Just make sure the investment looks good on paper before you invest!

    Awesome information. Just out of curiosity, why did you opt to pay off your student loans instead of doing the Loan Forgiveness through the military? I retired from the army 10 years ago.